Summer Free Spam | Week 57

Here it is, keep an eye on my story for the opportunity to win a free 50k boost.

1. Spread the word, Like.. I’m helping you its only fair you reciprocate
2. Read Free Spam instructions
3. ADD bot JAKEC123P (IF YOU ALREADY HAD THIS BOT ADDED YOU NEED TO DELETE IT AND READD IT)  if your username starts with A-M ADD bot JAKEP123P if your username starts with N-Z
5. Leave a comment below with your username between % symbols %examplename% no comment, no spam

If you need to stop getting spammed DO NOT BLOCK THE BOT – if you do you will be permanently banned from everything I do

to stop spam defriend the bot and change your Snapchat settings to only accept snaps from friends temporarily.

Buy Snapchat Points:

Paid Boosts are NOTHING like Free Spam, you don’t open snaps, I login and boost your account while you sleep!

For more info visit

50k Boost overnight: —–$29 USD

100k Boost over 1 day: — $49 USD

Buy Snapchat Story Viewers:

500 views overnight —– $18 USD

1000 views —————–—$29 USD

Everyone who buys will be entered to win an extra free 50k points twice per month!

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