Where We Are Going From Here


it’s been a really long time.

Since my last post/free spam I have:

  • moved to Ohio
  • lost all faith in the American education system
  • grown an above average beard
  • shelled out $18,000 U.S. to attend a coding bootcamp
  • done freelance web design
  • had amazing and meaningful experiences with my best friends
  • had many eureka moments

The bottom line is at this time it is no longer viable for me to boost Snapchat accounts.  From now on this website will serve as a blog highlighting my insights, creations and knowledge all for you’re benefit. I guarantee there is something on the appstore right now (knowing what is the hard part) you could make good money with.

Even though almost all the Snapchat material is depreciated  and no longer functions I will be leaving it on the site for several reasons one being nostalgia, another being the hope of being able to pickup where I left off and finally because it brings thousands of people to my website per month.

In my next posts I will be giving out all my secrets about my entire Snapchat line of services including stuff that still works, code, marketing, hardware setup, inspiration for its creation and more.



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