Making a Snapchat Bot To Get More Story Views

For the initial setup you will want to follow the instructions here 

This is the part where we use ADB to do something useful and fun. The sky is the limit and you can automate any linear process easily using what I’m about to show you. We will be creating a Snapchat Bot that adds friends.

To start you will need Git Bash if you’re on windows to make the shell script that I show you work.  Just download and install it if you haven’t already.

The Code:

cd /c/adb

array=( "nizlmmk" "ItsGwenStefani" "diplo3000" "camilacabello" )
for element in ${array[@]}

echo Add friend $element
sleep 3
./adb shell input text $element
sleep 2
./adb shell input tap 860 433
echo 860 433 tap add
sleep 3
./adb shell input tap 995 140

echo "Finished"

As you can see this is a simple sequential script that takes the usernames in the array and inserts them into our adb input text command. then it clicks where the add button is in the Snapchat app, then right after the user is added it clicks the x to clear the search field to prepare for the next username. This is a tiny array to be used as an example but I have one with about 15,000 active Snapchat usernames.

note: if you use this script or make your own, Snapchat will softban you after adding about 200 friends. This ban on its first time used to be for about 12 hours. IF you continue trying to add it could ban you from adding friends for up to a couple days from my experience. Generally I would suggest trying to add 180 people every 10+ hours.

Commands I have used the most:

input tap <x coords> <y coords> (taps there on the screen)

input text <text you want to input>

mkdir <makes a folder>

screencap <directory to save the SS to>

pull <pull too> <pull from> (take files or folders from your phone to your pc)

screenrecord <dir/videoname.mp4>


Tricks you might want to know for other Bots:

1. If an app has adds that randomly pop up you can use a tool like Lucky Patcher to try and remove them creating a more consistent environment for your bot to run.

2.If you want to run your bot on your phone without being connected to your computer you can use your shell script with the app SManager (note that it doesn’t run .sh extensions the scripts must have no extension to work strangely).

3. If the app you are botting has dynamically sized windows (SC does) things like  longer than average usernames may cause buttons to be in different places that shorter ones. You can change the default text size and font in your phones system settings to try and normalize these dynamic windows sizes and button locations.

4. A stylus makes it alot easier to get precise coordinates for your touch commands.

5. Many devs use Git Bash instead of cmd or powershell because the Bash command line is on almost every OS except windows,  Git Bash is an emulator for windows so once you start using logic in your adb creations you can create a shell script that is platform independent easily.

6. Once you create a bot don’t update the app you’re botting for as long as possible as updates can move things. This is why its nice to have multiple devices.

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