With Paid Boost and View Boosting for Snapchat…

I do require your username and password in order to carry out these services. I understand that for most of you secrecy is a priority, if your contacts knew that you paid for score or views that defeats the purpose. Know that your secrecy and privacy is also my top priority. I have over 300 happy customers throughout all my Snapchat services and your account credentials and reputation with your friends and contacts are safe with me. I encourage you for the security of your Snapchat account to have a backup email and mobile number in addition to changing your password to a generic before providing it to me. This is a good security policy whether you trust the other recipient or not : ).


Q. Will my friends be contacted?

A. No they will not be contacted in any way, your secrecy is my priority.

Q. Will this affect my streaks?

A. No as long as there is not a 24 hour lapse between messages, If you’re ordering an amount that will take longer than 24 hours (150k+) we can make arrangements to preserve your streaks.

Q. Could I get permanently banned from Snapchat?

A. My API has never gotten an account banned in over 300 score boosts over the last year.

Q. Will this affect my best friends?

A. Yes your best friends will be reset, however, once your resume your normal snapping habits they will be restored in a week or less.

Q. Can I use my Snapchat account while you’re logged in?

A. No, it is important to not login until I say its OK. For this reason we can schedule a time that is convenient for you day or night.

Feel free to contact me if you have other questions!