Free Spam

Free Spam is an event that happens almost every sunday around 12pm est. During Free Spam I send about 1000 snaps to every one who signs up. If you open them all you will get +1000 snapchat score Several reasons I do Free Spams are to:

  1. Give back to the community who inspires me with new ideas and provides me the exposure I need to make money while I go to college.
  2. Get more exposure and offer people a free sample in order to sell more paid services.
  3. I love Snapchat, tinkering and doing cool stuff like Free Spam.

In order to signup for free spam you must:

  1. Navigate to the most recent Free Spam video on YouTube. **HERE**
  2. Share, Sub and Like the video if you haven’t/aren’t already.
  3. On your Snapchat add ONE bot in the description of the video or with the snapcode in the video
  4. Subscribe to Important Updates with an email you frequently check.
  5. Read the Get the Most out of Free Spam page.