Would you Rather Twitch chat game


Play would you rather (Over 1000 Questions!) in Twitch chat with Would you Rather bot, users can vote for their answer and at the end see which option was more popular.


!wyr – starts a new question, after  one minute the results will be displayed!

!1 or !2 – votes for the corresponding selection.

!wyr add [question (must contain the word OR)]

!wyr timer (broadcaster only) – adjust the game timer from the start of the question to display of the results.

!wyr remove (broadcaster only) – remove a question.

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Here some questions you will see:

Would you rather show your friends and family your entire internet history or live near an active volcano?

Would you rather be deep sea diving and your oxygen tank runs out or be bungee jumping and have your cord snap?

Would you rather be incredibly stupid, but have the best of luck or be an incredible genius, but have the worst of luck?